Shower Panel is a vertical column which includes Head shower, Hand shower, Spout, Massage jets altogether very suitably placed on it.

All our JAAZ shower panels are available in aluminium & stainless steel body. Stainless steel we use is of 304 grade (rust proof) with 1 mm thickness. We use best quality aluminium with thickness of 1.2-1.5 mm.

One can use shower panel without pressure pump if gets sufficient pressure level from their supply source. But JAAZ strongly recommend use of pressure pump for the best performance of all the functions of the product. For one panel you will need pump with at least 0.5hp capacity.

For all the JAAZ products the suggested water pressure range is 2.5-3.0 bars.

Pressure pump is an electrical unit which helps to increase water pressure in case where it is really too low. You have to connect it with the supply point directly. Please consult your plumber for more detail.

Yes, if at your place the water hardness exceeds 100 DH. Then we suggest you to use water softener or in the long run you may face the problem of salt deposition.

No, from our side we do not provide installation service as shower panels are really easy to install. But in case if you face any problem in installation you can refer to the installation guide provided with the product or you can contact to JAAZ care at 0265-2750520/21/22. Our ready to help executives will feel happy to assist you.

Yes, it is quite possible to install a shower panel after removing the CP fittings even we recommend you to first check all the dimensions at your place as well as the panel’s you want to use.

At JAAZ, there is no policy of returning deposit amount. Yes, you can take any of the JAAZ products in exchange of your deposit amount.

Your warrant starts from the date of your purchase which is being mentioned on the invoice.

To care for your Shower Panel, wipe with a clean, soft, damp cloth. Occasionally apply a non-abrasive polish to prevent water deposits and remove build-up of household soaps, creams and sprays to all finishes finally, never use abrasive cleaners or pads, or chemical cleaners of any kind (including window cleaner) on any product with a protective coating or custom finish. Such cleaners will attack the protective coating and use of products like these will void the finish warranty .For any other assistance call our customer care 0265 -2280 178 / 79


Initially JAAZ provide dealership for the period of 3 years. Further it is extendable with mutual Understanding of the both the parties .

No. JAAZ has nothing like distributorship system. You will directly be in touch with the company office and would place the order and get the product from our company directly.

We do not entertain for any deposit from dealer. What you will required is to purchase a goods worth of Rs 1,00,000 for tier III city and Rs2,00,000 for tier I & II city initially.

JAAZ typically provides a 5-7 business day delivery time. However, we advise you to phone the JAAZ office on 0265 2280178/79 or to any of our Authorized dealer to confirm the availability of an item.

JAAZ is always committed to give satisfactory training to the marketing and technical people of their associates. For any difficulty after sales service will also be provided. With regards to warranty it is 3 year for shower panel from the date of invoice to your customer.

It would be the responsibility of client itself for the fixing of the product.

JAAZ provides free delivery for their dealers on all Products. There are no hidden costs or additional shipping charges. The price includes door delivery charges.

Yes we are new with the market but not with the capability. We have nation wide presence we would like our customer to judge us on the basis of the design, quality and stability, price of the product that we are providing in comparison to our competitors.


Yes, we do provide 3 years warranty on all our products. For more queries regarding warranty please refer to the warranty tab.

Promising to repair or replace an article if necessary within a specified period.Warranty covered all the mechanical and electrical parts. Warranty is for the performance of the parts as it should perform. If it does not perform as it should be, we are liable to replace the same. Make sure there is no warranty for any breakage or non performance of any part because of any human intervention.

All the JAAZ Shower panel comes with a 3 year parts warranty. In the event that a manufacturer problem develops in this 3 years of period . JAAZ will send out a replacement part free of charge. If a problem develops after 3 year warranties then simply let us know and we will provide the spare part at a trade price. Please note that the JAAZ warranty does no cover the fitting or installation of the spare part.

We have taken every care to make sure that it becomes very easy at your end to fix the Shower Panel at your place. Installation of panel is really easy job. We understand that on referring our User manual one can easily fix it. Even though if any problem comes you may please contact to JAAZ dealer or to JAAZ help centre for help .

Well normally it takes around 2-4 days to attain complain. The solution to the complain depends on the seriousness of the fault and availability of parts. With regards to the tracking of the complain you just contact JAAZ Customer care office (0265- 2280178/79).

Generally we do not send our personnel, in worst case you may ask for the service. Charges would depend on the time and distance. Please confirm the charges from our help center